What on earth is Indynomics?

As a long time believer that Scotland should be a fee country, free to fail or succeed on it’s own terms I’ve read reams of economic and financial analysis saying “too wee”, “too poor” and other analysis which says “Scotland can do this”.   So my ambition is to try and find a way of showing of the economics of an independent Scotland will be different from those we currently have as part of the UK.  It’s difficult to think that iScotland will follow the exact same tax and spend decisions as it currently does when it’s no longer intertwined as part of the United Kingdom.  Hence – “Indynomics”.    An economy doesn’t exist without people and a society interacting with each other.  There’s always going to be a ‘chicken and egg’ about this, if people interact in “A” way then the economy will be inclined towards “A” by those interactions.   If the people interact in “B” way etc.  Except that the state and direction of the economy can influence the social interactions.

It’s a bold ambition – to try and set out what Indynomics could be, but I’ve not seen anything else on the internet where all such information is gathered together in easy chunks.  So it’s worth doing.  All contributions to this topic will be welcomed, all ideas and analysis more so.   From both sides. GERS  (Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland) is a logical and sensible starting place.  But so are places like Nordic Horizons, where alternative ways of being a society are examined.   There’s interesting analysis over on chokka blog . Plenty to take in and try to make sense of.

My starting point is I guess that iScotland cannot be the same place as we currently live in.   Otherwise why bother regaining Independence?

Feel free to join in with comments art any time.  My intention is to do a weekly update.